Mark Cuban did EarBurner with Tim (left) and Zac. (Photo by Elizabeth Lavin)


EarBurner’s 100th Podcast: Mark Cuban at the Old Monk

We got a big one.

Tim and Zac spent, oh, I don’t know, two days tossing around ideas about a guest for the podcast’s 100th episode. Tim fired off an email to Mark Cuban early on. They went back and forth. We thought about asking Wick on, but Pastor George Mason beat us to it. And then Mark emailed back, agreeing to sit down before the All Star break. We were hoping he’d agree to allow us to fly to Charlotte on his jet with Dirk and Luka for the All Star Game; it is 100, after all. Instead we settled on the Old Monk. Then last week, in he walked—no security, no assistants, no Dirk, just Mark Cuban in jeans and sneakers and a long-sleeved shirt. He drank club soda with lime. Tim had six beers.

I’ll spare you the traditional biographical details. You know who Mark Cuban is. He bought the Mavericks in 2000 after selling to Yahoo. He’s a star on Shark Tank. (We didn’t talk about the show at all, but we have written about it.) And we thank him for sitting down with the Best Little Podcast in Dallas, which has somehow recorded 100 episodes. You can listen to them all right here. And yes, this gets settled. You’ll just have to listen.

Show notes after the jump.

1. It looks like Bobby Sessions deleted it, but here’s the photo that Tim brings up.

2. Fun fact about Jim Pallotta: he once jumped in a fountain and apparently does not regret it.

3. He says Luka didn’t know about the Porzingis trade when this happened, but boy they do look chummy.

4. I had to dig this up, but the Paul Pierce to the Mavs deal was reported back in 2013. I was unaware, and thus fascinated.

5. DeAndre Jordan fixed his free throws as a Dallas Maverick, and this is how.

6. Here was Tim’s early take on this year’s Dallas Mavericks, including how buddy buddy DeAndre was with, well, everyone.

7. God bless Don Nelson.

8. I also hadn’t heard Mark discuss his dizziness, which he wrote about in this blog post from 2016. Shouts out to California’s DizziLand.

9. A superyacht! But not Cuban’s. This one is especially not Cuban’s, despite what the Dallas Morning News said about it.

10. And, finally, here is more about the time Mark Cuban threatened to slice Tim’s nuts off and put our magazine out of business. I’m glad neither of those things came to fruition.


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  • Brandon Snook

    Great podcast, guys! And, thanks for reminding me of my favorite Mark Cuban quote: “Write about the Mavs ManiAACs, the fat guys we have.”