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Here’s How Your Zip Code Impacts Your Life Expectancy in Dallas

An 18-year swing from one neighborhood to another.

At D CEO Healthcare today, our Will Maddox has an interesting look at life expectancy by zip code across Dallas, which he pulled together using a handy new search tool from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The tool uses Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data. And it reveals that in the 75214 zip code—Lakewood—the average Dallasite lives to be 83.8 years old. Five miles away in Fair Park, life expectancy dips to 65.9. There’s a high school graduate between the two.

For context, we’re working off a national average at 78.6, a state average at 78.5 and a Dallas County average at 78.29.

Will here:

Environmental factors, segregation, access to healthcare, public transportation, healthy food, affordable housing, and good jobs impact life expectancy, with short distances often resulting in a decade of life expectancy difference.

He has several other zip codes listed in his post, including Highland Park’s 75205 (83), Uptown’s 75201 (80.9), Oak Cliff’s 75233 (77.6), and West Dallas’ 75212 (71.7). You can search your own neighborhood here.