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Dallas: The City That Hates Pedestrians, Pt. 17

We're back, baby!
For the past couple editions of my favorite ongoing D Magazine Dot Com feature, we’ve been picking on the temporary failings of construction crews affiliated with the city and with developers. They deserve to be dinged, sure, but there are more permanent design flaws that we can’t forget about. An alert FrontBurnervian reminded me of this just this morning, when he sent over the following photographs from the 3100 block of Empire Drive in Lakewood.

This sucks.

This AT&T utility box—I’m not just picking on AT&T, you can see the name when you zoom in—is a giant middle finger to anyone walking their dog or jogging or just strolling down the Lakewood sidewalk. I am sure these are all over town. And I am also sure that there must be a better place to put them than smack dab in the middle of the sidewalk. Until next time.

Send your photo evidence of Dallas hating pedestrians to [email protected]. For more in this series, go here.

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