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Uber and Lyft Are Offering Free or Discounted Rides to the Polls

Walk, scoot, ride, drive, bike, roll, skip, somersault. Just get out there and vote, people.

Dallas County has been doing all right getting to the polls so far in 2018, but if you’ve yet to cast your ballot, the rideshare giants of the world can make your life a touch easier. Uber and Lyft are each offering discounts on rides to voting locations. Lyft is making rides free for individuals from underserved communities who face significant transportation obstacles, and taking half off for anyone else. Uber has partnered with a couple organizations—#VoteTogether and Democracy Works—to send texts to people offering free rides. If you didn’t get a text, you can still get 10 bucks off.

Kudos to these companies for making it easier on people of all backgrounds to get out and vote. More on Lyft’s program here and on Uber’s here.

On Monday, the first day of early voting in this year’s midterm elections, 59,389 people voted—more than in 2016’s presidential elections and four and a half times the last midterms in 2014. Day two wasn’t too shabby, either, with 55,094 in-person ballots cast. And on Wednesday, 40,178 people made it to the polls.