Leading Off

Leading Off (10/11/18)

It finally feels like fall.

New Homeless Facility in Northwest Dallas Opens. The St. Jude Center’s grand opening was yesterday after two years of work, and it’s already half-full. “This is an example of what we need all over the city. There’s no question in my mind that there are 15 other places like this throughout the city. And it doesn’t have to be placed in just one neighborhood, because it will make all our neighborhoods better,” Mayor Mike Rawlings said.

John Wiley Price Compares Trump to Hitler. The Dallas County Commissioner sent a mail ad to his supporters comparing the two.

Former Tarrant County Court Employee Gets Prison Time for Stealing. Shelly Denise Ables was sentenced to 42 months in prison for stealing $65,000 from the Tarrant County court between April 2015 and October 2016.

Graham Dodds Leaves Statler Restaurants. The chef, who was the culinary director for the hotel, no longer works for the group that runs the restaurants at The Statler. Dodds said he plans to stay in Dallas, though. All six Statler restaurants are slated to stay open.

Hippo at Dallas Zoo Dies. Seven-year-old Adhama died suddenly Tuesday evening. Veterinarians didn’t think he had suffered from a long-term illness. He came to the Dallas Zoo last year from Los Angeles. RIP.


  • JamieT

    As one of the few African-Americans for whom President Trump has not profoundly increased both employment and wealth-building opportunities (cash in safes earning little return), Price’s shrill bitterness may be understandable.

    • Mavdog

      “As one of the few African-Americans for whom the economic recovery the past Administration produced and President Trump inherited (thankfully not having screwed it up thus far) has not profoundly increased both employment and wealth building opportunities..”

      Fixed it for you.

    • Ed Huff

      I had no idea that Hitler owned hotels casinos and golf courses, or that he had a Jewish son in law…who knew?

  • DubiousBrother

    JWP decides to insult all the families that lost members to the Nazi slaughters as well as the soldiers that fought to end Hitler’s Aryan race supremacy quest. Price needs to dig some of his cash out of his closet and buy a ticket to Munich. It is only a short drive to Dachau and a visit there might make him realize how stupid he is. Instead he continues to push the party of slavery that fought against the Civil Rights Act until the Republicans had enough votes to push it through.

    • Mavdog

      There’s no disagreement that Price is, well, priceless in his idiocy of sending this mailer.
      However, your “alternative facts” of the comment “the party of slavery that fought against the Civil Rights Act until the Republicans had enough votes to push it through” is not accurate.
      The Civil Rights Act of 1964 had a Democratic Party sponsor, and more Democrats than Republicans voted for the bill. There were both Democrats and Republicans who voted against the bill. The Civil Rights Act was pushed to passage by a Democrat President who famously predicted the passage of the bill would result in the Democrats having “lost the South for a generation”.
      LBJ was wrong, as the passage of the Civil Rights Act has “lost the South” for two generations now. Those who opposed the Civil Rights Act flocked to the Republican Party.

  • Ed Huff

    I was sorry to hear about the Dallas zoo hippo. What is the usual life span of a hippo I wonder.

  • Mavdog

    You can’t dispute the facts so you attempt to hide in looking at percentages? sheesh.

    Your statement was “fought against the Civil Rights Act until the Republicans had enough votes to push it through”. You have not provided a single point that supports that claim, which of course was proven false by the number of yes votes by Democrats and the fact the bill was co-sponsored by a Democrat.

    You are now denying the history of the “Southern Strategy” as well?
    Good grief.