Local News

Leading Off (10/10/18)

A historic LGBT marker, a sewer spill, and a high of 73.

Dallas Bishop Launched Internal Investigation in February. During his first stop in a series of Dallas town halls addressing the church’s sex abuse crisis, Bishop Edward J. Burns said he hired former law enforcement officials to look at the personnel files of Dallas’ 220 active priests.

Oak Lawn Granted Historic Gayborhood Nod. It is now the first neighborhood in Texas to be recognized by the Texas Historic Commission for its LGBT community. A plaque goes up tonight at Cedar Springs and Throckmorton.

White Rock Creek is About 100,000 Gallons More Disgusting Today. Thousands of gallons of sewer wastewater overflowed from Gleneagles Country Club into the creek. Plano officials are trying to contain it; tap water is not affected.

Grab a Sweater. While Florida is bracing for Hurricane Michael (prayers), we will start enjoying some Pumpkin Spice Latte temps (though surely it will get back up to 100 leading up to Halloween then plummet to just above freezing a few hours before your little one puts on her Moana costume).