Dallas: The City That Hates Pedestrians, Pt. 16

Back with another banger to start your weekend off right and angry.

This is another one close to our office on the border of the Arts District, at Harwood and Flora, near the side entrance of the Dallas Museum of Art. It comes from FrontBurnervian and habitual walker Doyle Rader.

The scene at Harwood and Flora this morning. (Photo by Doyle Rader)

There’s a few things going on here. There’s the utility work, which requires the full-on construction tape and orange cone blockade. But just out of view to your left is the Trammell Crow expansion construction, which has already wiped out the adjacent sidewalk. I told you about that last week. I wouldn’t exactly call Harwood a major artery, but cars do zip through it steadily and speedily to avoid being caught at that Ross light. With this mess, the road shrinks to a single lane. And know what’s coming up in mere hours? A weekend. When the offices aren’t full.

If you’re a pedestrian and you find this scene, the only way around it is to walk in that remaining lane. So keep your eyes out for the cars that could be storming up from behind you.

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