The Story of Amber Wyatt’s Rape

This one will move the needle.

Elizabeth Bruenig was a high school sophomore in Arlington, in 2006, when Amber Wyatt, a junior, reported that she’d been raped. No one believed Wyatt. Kids at the school used shoe polish to write FAITH on their car windows. The acronym stood for “F— Amber in Three Holes.” The experience wrecked Wyatt, and it stuck with Bruenig. So much so that she spent the past three years reporting this story in the Washington Post. You will want to take the time to read it.


  • Kathy Wise

    Thank you Elizabeth Bruenig. Thank you Amber Wyatt. And thank you to everyone like my law school roommate, the independent prosecutor in the Steubenville rape case, who refuse to look away.

    • Ed Huff

      “You are so full of shit its hard to comprehend.” (see “articulate” commenter Kyle Reese above) Must apply to the magazine here in general and your lame political agenda in particular. I guess you folks are too busy upvoting each other to notice that you are a laughing stock.

      • Happy Bennett

        That guy has been abusing me and other people who respectfully disagree on line for months. I just block him.

  • Wendy

    As a mom, I can’t even wrap my head around the fact that the host mom did NOTHING when Amber said she was raped. I don’t care how messed up Amber might have seemed…the LEAST that woman should have done was call Amber’s parents. So incredibly angry and sad and disgusted. God, I hope karma is real — if it is, then that woman has a whole lot of payback headed her way.

  • Courtney

    What a disgusting account of human behavior. Sickens me to my core. The students, the PARENTS, the law enforcement, EVERYONE failed this beautiful young girl. How sad to know how it’s just nothing uncommon, too. This is far too many women’s reality. I am DONE with this being the norm. I hope Ms. Marks hasn’t slept a night since, but something tells me she slept just fine…. Amber, and all of the Amber’s of this world, I BELIEVE YOU.

    • Happy Bennett

      Sadly this is a case of kids consensually having all kinds of sex with each other in all kinds of ways from early ages which parents and society ignore until “bad stuff happens”. People laugh at those who live a decent religion or moral based life style and then seem to be “at a loss” when incidents like this occur.

      ironically, I just had lunch last week with a school health provider at the local high school mentioned here. There are 3000 students and sometimes up to 100 students a day use the available health resources for all kinds of reasons. There are school scuffles and fights (usually girls fighting over boys). There is just too much stuff going on for parents not to be involved with their precious children.

      The results at this high school seem to be great when parents take an active interest in their own kids, not so great otherwise.

      As for the lady who sheltered the girl in her house that evening. This was not her mother or her family. The kids were drinking (and taking drugs?). “Something” (evidently including the drinking) happened off of the property owner’s property. The kids had vehicles and were going back and forth. The woman wasn’t at the scene of the crime which was located off her property. She cooperated with police. Her response under the circumstances, as essentially an ancillary party to all this, isn’t surprising.

      Of course this should not have happened to this young lady and I’m glad that she is doing well now with family support that she deserved all along. She will probably be a great professional psychologist. We all wish her well.

      • Wendy

        When Amber got back to the Marks house, she told friends AND the host mom that she was raped by two boys. The host mom did nothing. Even if she didn’t want to involve the police, the least she should have done was call Amber’s parents. That is depraved indifference if I’ve ever heard it. I’m a mom. If someone acted that callously toward my daughter if she was obviously distraught and in crisis, that other mom better watch her back. It doesn’t matter if she had previously behaved “obnoxiously”; it doesn’t matter if the other mom thought she was lying. It’s called human decency.

        • Happy Bennett

          How do you know from this brief account that she didn’t talk to the parent(s)? Obviously somebody called the police with whom she cooperated according to the account above. Where were the parents when the young woman transferred out of school and almost died of a drug overdose months later? As stated in the first paragraph above –kids just cannot raise themselves. They need a lot of support– and –(with apologies to Tennessee Williams) cannot depend “on the kindness of strangers”, the police, the government, the high school administration, or the Washington Post.

  • NancyNichols

    I have read this story every day for five days. Brilliant work.

  • One me

    We would like to know names of students and parents.