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Read This Appreciation Piece on Steve Nash

Man, he was good.

Tonight at 6 o’clock the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame will officially welcome Jason Kidd and Steve Nash into its ranks. I assume Zac Crain is right now working on a 5,000-word post about this momentous event. While you’re waiting for him to finish that, tide yourself over with this wonderful appreciation of Nash written by Danny Chau over at The Ringer.

A personal note: when the Mavs let Nash go, it broke my heart a little. Three reasons I loved the guy: 1) Peter Simek once saw Nash playing pickup soccer on the fields at Trammell Crow Park. 2) Nash and Dirk were (are) such good buddies that they’d get loaded at the Loon and pose for pics. 3) And this.

And then a final thought, this one from Nash himself. Did the Mavs really miss out on another title?