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Mark Davis Trashes Gross Sneakers In Solidarity With [checks notes] Police Brutality?

Of course, he wears (wore?) Nike Monarchs, the daddest dad shoe of them all.

via Mark Davis’ Twitter

Yesterday, Nike announced that blacklisted NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick would be the face of its 30th anniversary “Just Do It” campaign. “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” says stark white type over a black and white image of Kaepernick’s face. It’s powerful and great and, predictably, it caused a lot of people to soil their khakis in response. People were burning shoes and cutting up socks (O … K?). In all the hubbub, it slipped my mind that local gold spokesman Mark Davis would have a trash take on it all. And he quite literally did.

We can argue all day about Kaepernick in the comments — or, you can; I’m busy — but I would like to take my time here to comment on the shoes Davis tossed.

They’re Nike Monarchs, because of course they are. If you asked me what kind of shoes Mark Davis wore … OK, well, honestly I wouldn’t have guessed Nike Monarchs. I probably would have said like a Brooks runner or something like that. But if you told me Davis wore Nikes, I would have 100-percent guessed he wore these John-Stockton-pulling-dirty-tricks-but-the-referees-look-the-other-way-because-he-has-the-appearance-of-a-city-manager-on-his-lunch-break-at-the-Y-ass shoes. “All Lives Matter”-looking shoes. Sneaking-precisely-one-domestic-beer-in-the-garage-when-doing-Saturday-chores sneakers. But I probably would have said they were all white.

He just returned them to their home.





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  • I think this should be a new FrontBurner feature. We give the same topic to two writers and say, “Go!” We decided to leave up both Zac’s post and mine. Can you really have too much commentary on Mark Davis’ sneakers?

  • EricCeleste

    /reads Zac’s description of Nike Monarchs

    Wow. Tim feels attacked.

    • It did feel kinda like a sub-tweet, didn’t it?

  • OldLakeHighlander

    I just bought three dozen pairs of Nikes and then threw them all away! Boy, that was stupid!

  • MattL1

    All sneakers are dad sneakers. The “cool, fashionable” ones are just a means by which sneaker wearers delude themselves until they reach their true DGAF, dad-sneaker phase.

    That being said, any sneaker is better than sandals, and Mark Davis is still a loon.

  • Zac Crain slams Mark Davis in solidarity with [checks notes] murdering cops at Black Lives Matter protests?

    • @zaccrain


  • Chris Ullom

    Proof that the anthem kneel is the most brilliant career move ever made by a benched quarterback. How could Mark Davis not support something so American as a capital gain on your brand name.

    • @zaccrain