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Leading Off (9/4/18)

It will be cloudy today, with a high of 86. We'll get some showers this afternoon. Wear shoes.

Man Dies in East Dallas After Scooter Accident. This one is a bit of a mystery. Jacoby Stoneking, 24, called a friend early Saturday morning and said he’d fallen off a scooter on Munger. When a Lyft driver got to him at 4 a.m., Stoneking was unresponsive. Police found that he had only scrapes and bruises, and they found a Lime scooter 160 yards away from him, broken in half. Stoneking was taken to Baylor, where he died Sunday. The Medical Examiner hasn’t determined a cause of death.

Murder-Suicide in Carrollton. Damien Deriggs, 49, killed his wife before turning a gun on himself. SWAT had to be called to use a remote camera before entering the house. The Deriggses have two teenage children who were unhurt.

Here’s Why the Cowboys Cut Dan Bailey. If you’re still distraught over the Cowboys’ sacking of the NFL’s second-most accurate kicker, this helps explain what happened.