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Leading Off (9/14/18)

More questions about the shooting of Botham Jean.

Amber Guyger’s Arrest Warrant And The Search Warrant For Her Victim’s Apartment Don’t Sync UpThey contradict one another. The arrest warrant says Guyger stuck her key in the lock of a door that was ajar, causing it to open. Botham Jean was a silhouette across the room when Guyger opened fire. The search warrant for Jean’s apartment says he confronted her at the door. Anonymous sources told The Dallas Morning News that evidence at the scene supports Guyger’s telling, and that the search warrant was written before the officer was interviewed.

Another thing here: that cops found a little more than a quarter ounce of marijuana in Jean’s apartment is a crude detail that adds nothing to the fact that the man was shot dead in his own apartment. Sure, I guess it’s a fact. But what’s the pertinence to the situation at hand? TV stations have the detail as their headline. The News, in an otherwise well-reported piece, mentions it and moves along. The Star-Telegram didn’t touch it. But what does that do for the public? Lee Merritt, the Jean family attorney, calls the detail a character assassination. It’s hard to see its potential impact as anything else.

His funeral was yesterday.

Dallas Sues Over Valley View Disaster. The city of Dallas is suing the Beck family of developers for the mall’s code violations. The Becks have failed at redeveloping the center for more than half a decade, despite getting matching bond money from the city for a park and re-zoning the area to fit their vision of a mixed-use “urban village.” One time, I tried to sneak into the elevator near the food court as it was closing and the doors didn’t stop and reopen when I put my arm into it. I got away in time, but still. That is my story of a potential code violation at the Valley View Mall.

Today Could Be Pretty Humid. You’re looking at a low of 73 and a high in the mid-80s. Anticipate a steamy day after the weird summer rains yesterday.