Local News

Leading Off (9/12/18)

Only a 15 percent chance of rain for most of this cloudy day, so chances are looking good for baseball practice.

More on Amber Guyger’s Relative’s Suspicious Hand Gestures. Guyger’s brother-in-law, Noe Garza, spoke with D yesterday to defend himself against speculation that was flashing white supremacist hand signs. He gave more details to the DMN, saying the hand gestures in another photo floating around were a reference to his favorite band, Lagwagon.

One-time Hotshot Chef Grady Spears Ordered to Stay Away from Wife. The chef, who gained some celebrity in the ‘90s with Fort Worth’s Reata restaurant, was arrested in July for assaulting his wife. She sought a protective order last week after he allegedly threatened her with “a funeral.”

A UNT Prof Invented a Breathalyzer for Drugs. Cops and docs may soon have a way to instantly detect if someone is under the influence of marijuana.

In the Wake of that Massive Dallas ICE Raid in Paris, Texas. Another interesting KERA story, this one about the families left behind after nearly 160 illegal workers were arrested last month (some had been working at the factory for two decades).