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It’s Been a Long Week. Here Is It Takes Two.

It's the 30th anniversary (more or less) of the Dallas-shot George Newbern vehicle.

Five years ago, Tim assigned me to write about It Takes Two, a not-really-that-great movie filmed in Dallas and released in 1988. I’ve seen it dozens of times, because it was an HBO staple around then. It’s pretty ridiculous so I can’t say why I’ve seen it so often, other than it was on and I sort of like ridiculous things. I didn’t write the feature I’d planned — I had to go write something that was pretty much the exact opposite, tone-wise — but I did write this. (I actually interviewed star George Newbern while sitting in an un-air-conditioned car outside of the West Auction Barn.) And, yeah, I missed the actual anniversary this time. It was in July. It’s been a long summer. Cut me some slack.