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Dallas 311 to Launch New App to Fill Your Potholes

Or so we hope.

I spent three days getting busy signals on multiple City of Dallas phone lines, including the main number for 311, before Tim Rogers gave me a phone number for someone who sent me an email who finally put me in touch with someone who it turned out I used to work with at the city and was able to give me a call back to chat about the new 311 app.

I will say this: the last time I needed 311 assistance, it was because the lid to my garbage can had been unceremoniously ripped off by an overzealous sanitation truck. I let it slide for probably a good seven or eight months before I finally called the city, grumbling to myself every time I made the trek to the far end of the yard and caught the stench of my own garbage. My expectations were low, especially when I could not get a live person and had to leave a message. Lo and behold, three days later I had a brand new garbage can in the alley.

So I never used the old 311 app. Rumor has it that the map pinning function didn’t work and the options for service were limited. If that was your experience, you may have reason to rejoice. The new app launches October 1. Margaret Wright, Assistant Director of 311, says the map functions are much improved, and now options for assistance aren’t limited. The name is changing to OurDallas, and the app will hopefully serve as a front door to all of the city’s other app functions in the future. Register with the app, and you can get reminders on things like your bulk pick-up dates and email updates on your service requests. She says they are even working with the technology provider to incorporate AI, so that you can upload pictures of your potholes and your neighbor’s unsightly weeds. Until then, she urges patience as they work out any kinks. Use it and report back.

Here’s the info from the press release on how to proceed in the interim:

311 is launching new service request software, updating their website, and replacing the current Dallas 311 app with the new OurDallas app.

The current 311 app will be taken down on Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 10 p.m., and online access for residents will be removed beginning Friday, Sept. 28 at 4 p.m. to begin the transition to the new system.

“While the app and website are down, residents may dial 311 at any time to report an issue while the app and website are temporarily disabled,” Margaret Wright, Assistant Director of the 311 Customer Service center, said. “Our call center will be staffed with additional agents to handle the anticipated increase in call volume during this time.”

The new system will be online on Oct. 1 and residents using the old 311 app will be directed to the new OurDallas app available on the App Store and Google Play.  The updated system will make it easier for residents to request City services.  Please contact 311 at [email protected] if you have questions or concerns regarding the new 311 service request process.

(Post was updated to correct the effective date of the app and to clarify that the “front door” function will hopefully take place in the future.)