The opening spread of our 1998 story about the Holy Trinity Seminary and Rudy Kos


The Past Sins of Holy Trinity Seminary Continue to Haunt the Dallas Diocese

Edmundo Paredes is just the latest example of a seminary that was out of control.

As a Catholic, I was saddened but not surprised by the news over the weekend that another Dallas priest has been accused of molesting children. Parishioners at Oak Cliff’s St. Cecilia learned from Bishop Edward Burns himself that Edmundo Paredes, their pastor for 27 years, is under investigation for allegedly molesting boys. Paredes vanished last summer, after he admitted that he had stolen at least $60,000 from his church. Church officials think he might have returned to his native country of the Philippines.

I was not surprised by the news because, of course, we all just learned what happened in Pennsylvania. And also because I remember the Rudy Kos story. What the folks did at the Boston Globe was great work, but the Morning News’ Brooks Egerton beat them to the pedophile priest story by several years. In Dallas, the Kos story was the nadir for the diocese. Jurors here concluded that the diocese had been negligent and awarded nearly $120 million to 11 victims.

In 1998, D Magazine published a story titled “How Rudy Kos Happened,” written by Dan Michalski. Dan did some deep reporting on the culture at Holy Trinity Seminary, the Irving school that turns out priests. It’s hard to fathom what was going on there when Kos was a seminarian in the late ’70s. Sexual relationships among students were tolerated by the priests who were in charge. There was an infirmary in the basement where students hooked up with guys they brought back from bars on Cedar Springs. When he was there, Kos was at the center of it.

Which brings us back to Edmundo Paredes. Like Kos, he is a graduate of Holy Trinity Seminary. Kos was at the seminary from 1977 to 1981. Paredes was there, a diocesan spokesperson tells me, from 1981 to 1985. Many of the men under whose watch the abuse happened have escaped their just earthly reward. Let us pray that Paredes is caught and forced to confront his accusers. 


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  • The DMN story raised more questions than it answered.

    First they fired Paredes in June 2017, but don’t announce why until August 2018? Why wait almost 14 months, plus they didn’t bother to announce he was a sexual predator until 2018? How did they investigate him, if the members of his chruch didn’t know there was an investigation? Smells like a whitewash.

    A parishioner is quoted saying Paredes had a retirement celebration in June 2017 “honoring ‘Father Ed’ for his 27 years of service.” You fire a priest for embezzling and then Diocese throws the thief a going away party to honor him?

    The DMN reports the Diocese says it “immediately contacted the police” but there is no indication that the reporter or the paper has verified this claim.

    Then the article says the this pedophile has just “disappeared” really? The DMN appears to take this on face value from a Diocese that in the past has specialized in shipping its pedophiles to other parts of the country and Mexico so that they could continue to rape more children? Not one indication the paper verified this claim or reference the Diocese past practices.

    The article reads like The DMN just rewrote a face saving press release and did no verification, while ignoring the Diocese’s history of protecting pedophiles and lying to the public.


    • You are raising good points. Yes.

      At the very least, when church officials say they think Paredes has fled, the DMN should report WHY they think that. Or report that the officials wouldn’t say why they think that.

      The DMN story did, however, quote SNAP people who brought up the troubling matter of the timing of these revelations.

    • Ed Huff

      “Raising more questions than are answered” should be the DMN mission statement.