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Robert Wilonsky Writes About Battling His Stage IV Cancer

He's alive today thanks to the work of some UT Southwestern doctors.

In media and PR circles for many months now there has been talk about Robert Wilonsky’s cancer and how bad it was. Word was, he didn’t want people making a fuss. He wasn’t going to write about it and make it a Big Thing, because if he didn’t survive (early on, that outcome seemed likely), he didn’t want his cancer to define his career. So I was very happy today to see him publish this piece about his experience and the clinical trial that has changed his prognosis. I told him that he needs to keep his dang shirt buttoned, but this is really good news. I look forward to reading many more Robert Wilonsky columns in the paper. Maybe some of them will even be good.


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  • “Maybe some of them will even be good.”

    Doubt it.

    • Just ask Sharon Grigsby for tips. She can help.

      • bmslaw

        Just don’t ask any magazine people. They’ve got nothing.

  • Mavdog

    Good grief, we’re going to have Wilonsky around for more articles about prostitutes in NW Dallas, or whatever is happening in our town.
    Great news.

    • Ed Huff

      I really liked the article about the (should be historic) George Fix house and acreage in Preston Hollow. I had forgotten about the seminal Texas Native Plants book the Wisoski’s had written in the 80s.

  • Happy Bennett

    Wishing Robert a complete recovery. Very powerful article about the affects of such a terrible diagnosis on a family and the wonders of modern medicine.

  • Dan Tanna

    Gotta say, Tim, it’s eye rolling funny that you believe it’s important to tell readers here and in social media that you knew about Robert’s battle with cancer.

    • Glad I could give you a laugh.

    • @zaccrain

      i, for one, am glad you found the appropriate thing to focus on.

      hope crime on the strip is treating you ok.