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Mayor Mike Rawlings Does the ‘In My Feelings’ Dance. Does He Do It Well?

Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding?

You may have thought that poll of new names for the city of Dallas would be the most inane thing posted on the blog today. Well, that was before Mayor Mike Rawlings did the “Keke dance” this morning at Fair Park while doing some good with the Mayor’s Back to School Fair, a chance for Dallas ISD students to pick up free school supplies and take advantage of a number of important services offered by public and nonprofit organizations.

Rawlings, game as always for a little light embarrassment in the name of community outreach, was pulled into doing a dance popularized by way of Drake’s hit “In My Feelings.” The dance went viral after a New York comedian named Shiggy issued the “In My Feelings” challenge, prompting people across the country to film themselves doing the dance in the street and outside of moving cars, which then prompted solemn news coverage of “another online sensation [escalating] into a worrying trend” as “[p]oliticians are getting into trouble, severe injuries have been suffered, and, in some countries, you could even be jailed.”

The mayor here is clearly demonstrating safe practice of the Keke dance, away from moving automobiles and with a group of friends. A true model of temperance and responsibility for “In My Feelings” challengers, and for square politicians bending to youthful trends. The real question is whether the mayor has got moves. Decide for yourself.