Local News

Leading Off (8/6/18)

Here we go again.

Dallas Opens First New Public Pool in 50 Years. A little late in the summer but I don’t think anyone in Pleasant Grove is complaining too much.

Signs On Katy Trail Ban Scooters. But do they? I was on the Katy Trail yesterday afternoon and saw plenty of scooters and it was fine. In this matter, I honestly think scooters aren’t that big of a deal.

Mobike Leaves Dallas. Now just Lime and VBikes remain and according to this there are only about 3,500 share bikes in the city. Here is something weird: I haven’t seen a Mobike in months but I saw one this morning.

Man Who Bought Lion Skulls in Fort Worth Sentenced to Nine Months in Federal Prison. Arongkron “Paul” Malasukum, 42, was buying skulls, claws, and teeth from lions, tigers, and leopards and shipping them to Thailand, where they were used in jewelry. He sent 68 packages (worth more than $150,000) between April 2015 and June 2016. I feel like I have used a particular collection of words that is sending a bat signal up for one Michael J. Mooney.

FC Dallas Breaks Unbeaten Home Streak. FCD has been playing great, atop the Western Conference.. The San Jose Earthquakes have not; they’re in last and hadn’t won since May 12. So of course San Jose came to Frisco and gave the team its first home loss in forever. Still in first, though.