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Leading Off (8/31/18)

This is a heavy one.

More Reflections on Roy Oliver’s SentenceThe News spoke to a few attorneys about the 15 years that a jury gave the fired Balch Springs officer for shooting and killing 15-year-old Jordan Edwards. The most interesting bit came from the family’s attorney, Daryl Washington: “Unfortunately, God used Jordan — a perfect kid, a kid that everybody loved — for America to see that we really have a problem,” he said. “If it wasn’t the perfect kid, if it wasn’t Jordan Edwards, then we would not be having this conference talking about a verdict against a police officer.” Which is what Zac Crain argued yesterday on FrontBurner—what happens when it’s not Jordan? Meanwhile, Skip Hollandsworth wrapped it all up here for Texas Monthly.

Dallas Diocese Bishop Wants to Meet With the Pope. Bishop Edward Burns had a presser yesterday in which he told reporters that he’d requested a synod with Pope Francis to discuss what the church can do to protect parishioners from predatory priests. In Dallas, there is the failure of the Holy Trinity Seminary, which produced convicted predators like Rudy Kos and accused ones who are on the run like Edmundo Paredes, the priest who fled Oak Cliff’s St. Cecilia amid an investigation into whether he molested boys.

There Is A Shortage of Garbage Trucks. And so your trash might not be picked up on time. The city says you’re looking at an extra day as Dallas works to replace its fleet. The delay should be over within 120 days.

Dallas Is Slicing Its Already Dismal Bike Lane Funding. Wilonsky has a nice piece at The News about the City Council’s straw vote to take half of the $500,000 it spends on bike lane infrastructure and send it to public safety. Half a dozen cyclists have died in the past half-decade or so, which signals that the existing funding wasn’t exactly enough. And now the council is doubling down against it in an effort that the city’s CFO won’t “move the needle” to help supplement low police pay.