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Leading Off (8/29/18)

Murder confessions, ICE raids, burials, and babies.

Uncle Confesses to Nephew’s Murder 37 Years Later. Five-year-old Anthony Tyrone “Burt” Woodson of Mansfield went missing in 1981 after his uncle, Terry Woodson, left him in the car at 7-Eleven. The mystery was never solved. When the case was recently reopened, Terry told authorities his wife (now deceased) beat the boy with an extension cord and he finished him off. Anthony’s childhood friends say they witnessed similar beatings. Terry is now behind bars. His sister, Anthony’s aunt, told the Star-Telegram she doesn’t believe Terry did it and doesn’t know why he confessed.

Dallas ICE Department Detains 160 Alleged Undocumented Workers. The department believes the raid of a manufacturing plant in Paris, Texas, might be the largest of its kind in a decade.

Jordan Edwards’ Football Teammates Honor His Memory. “I just look down at my number and remember who I’m really playing for.”

George W. and Laura Bush Wish To Be Buried on Dallas’ Bush Center Grounds. They had previously planned to be buried at the Texas State Cemetery in Austin, but changed their minds because traffic in that city is bananas and Dallas has better tacos.

The Most Fertile Firehouse in North Texas. Apparently sliding down poles does not affect sperm count.