Local News

Leading Off (8/22/18)

Father arrested for toddler son's murder, Lupe Valdez's gun turns up, and the cocktail napkin worth a million bucks.

Lewisville Man Charged with Capital Murder After Stabbing His Toddler Son. Blair Ness was booked upon his release from the hospital, where he was treated for the gunshot wound that stopped a horrific attack in the courtyard of a Lewisville apartment complex. I wonder if Ness’s girlfriend was even aware of his problematic history, including aggravated battery, kidnapping, sexual assault, and a standoff with the SWAT team in New Mexico five years ago.

Police Expert’s Take On Roy Oliver’s Use of Force. “A reasonable officer would not have done that.”

Lupe Valdez’s 9mm Berretta Was In the Sheriff’s Property Room All Along. What the Dallas County sheriff’s department is saying: The gun wasn’t entered into the inventory log when Valdez returned it in January, and then wasn’t found during an audit, but we double-checked and oopsies there it is jk haha we cool.

Post Malone Is Fine After Plane’s Emergency Landing. The much-TMZed aerial fiasco should not affect the rapper’s October homecoming.

Drunken Scribbles on a Cocktail Napkin Score Former Employee $1 Million. Note to self: Bring pen to next Christmas party; linger near Wick Allison.