Local News

Leading Off (8/2/18)

Pete Sessions' slip-up, the Irving parking garage car pickle, and a slimy sex den in Northwest Dallas.

Pete Sessions’ Stupid Comment. ­­While addressing the issue of “no fault” divorces at a Republican event in Garland earlier this summer, Sessions referenced a Highland Park man who killed his soon-to-be ex-wife because the “judge was unfair” and the “woman was unfair.” Now, a mountain is being made of a teeny tiny domestic-violence-justification molehill.

The Irving Parking Garage Collapse Purgatory. Sure, it stinks for the owners of cars that were crushed in Tuesday’s parking garage collapse, but it may be worse for those whose cars remain intact yet trapped. They’re not allowed to retrieve their vehicles for fear of another catastrophe, and yet, insurance isn’t shelling out for a car that’s in perfect working order.

City’s Attempts to Close Building of Ill Repute So Far Unsuccessful. The owner of Zone d’Erotica promises his building will soon be razed, but fire prevention offiers and police return time and time again to find littered porn-viewing rooms, young women available for $50, and what appears to be residential units.

Terrance Williams’ Public Intoxication Case Dismissed. He completed an alcohol awareness class and settled light pole damages made by his Lambo with the city of Frisco. The embarrassing video remains.

Headline of the Day. “Chinese captain tells North Texas jury he didn’t know cocaine was the purpose of doomed Pacific voyage.”