Local News

Leading Off (8/15/18)

Roy Oliver's win, Plano's recall election is no more, and Southwest puts the kibosh on emotional support boa constrictors.

Evidence Thrown Out in Murder Trial for Ex-Officer Who Shot Jordan Edwards. With the trial set to begin on Thursday, Roy Oliver’s attorneys tried to get a continuance and the Dallas DAs recused from the case—both motions were denied, but the judge did give the defense one big win: he will not allow an alleged road rage incident as evidence in the trial. Prosecutors believe the incident, in which an off-duty Oliver pulled a gun on a car that rear-ended his own (just days before shooting Jordan Edwards), shows a pattern of violent behavior.

Plano’s Recall Election Mess Is (Sorta) Resolved. After Plano city councilman Tom Harrison shared an anti-Islamic Facebook post in February, 4,400 people signed a petition to force a recall election in Harrison’s district. Problem was, officials found two city charters with different wording on the rule that specified the number of signatures required (the difference: the word “last”). Turns out, another original copy turned up, a judge made a decision, and Harrison gets to stay till his term is up in May.

DART Vote On the $1.1 Billion Cotton Belt Line Delayed. Due to a dispute over two stops in North Dallas.

Southwest Airlines Restricts Emotional Support Animals to Cats and Dogs. Some service animals such as mini-horses will be allowed for those with disabilities, but unfortunately no emotional support peacocks, spiders, or reptiles will be getting away in Southwest’s cabin.

Reminder: Clear the Shelter Event Starts Saturday. Because who couldn’t use more emotional support?!