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Dwaine Caraway: ‘I Ain’t No [expletive] Sixty-Five-Hundred-Dollar Negro.’

Now we know the actual figure.

In 2010, Steve Thompson wrote a story for the DMN about Dwaine Caraway’s suspect accounting of money he spent in the fight to stop expanded sales of beer and wine in the city. In particular, there was the matter of $6,500 that seemed hard to track down. Thompson asked Caraway about it:

Caraway said scrutinizing the money is unfair because it gives a perception that he may have taken some of it. To the contrary, he said, he ended up spending money out of his own pocket for the campaign.

“It gives the perception of another African-American on the take,” Caraway said. “I ain’t no [expletive] sixty-five-hundred-dollar Negro.”

Indeed. Today the feds tell us that the figure was closer to $450,000.

I’ve seen people commenting that this plea deal appears to have come quickly. Perhaps that is because Caraway, seeing that he’d been caught in the Dallas County Schools scheme, didn’t want the feds poking around any further.


  • Brad Johnson

    Interesting in retrospect, looking at the DMN 2010 story, is that Andy Siegel was also a crook. See https://www.dallasnews.com/news/crime/2015/08/19/dallas-lawyer-who-admitted-to-defrauding-vodkas-investors-year-and-day-in-federal-prison

  • DubiousBrother

    It is interesting that D ran 3 stories today about this disgusting fraud without one mention of State Senator Don Huffines (R-Dallas) who led the legislative effort to shut down DCS.

    A note to Mr. Caraway and the rest of the J.V. team here in Dallas, learn from the pros in Chicago where bribes are paid in cash or high paying made up jobs for the wife at a local University.

    • Mavdog

      Rafael Anchia was a co-sponsor with Huffines of SB 1122 on the Dallas County Schools closure.

    • Happy Bennett

      another poster brought this up as well as the apparent absence of investigative interest of the DMN in the entire scandal–too busy with the historic statue removal agenda, I guess.