Tim Rogers in action.

Best of Big D

You Can Now Discover 2018’s Best of Big D

The annual feature is live, just in time for our party.

Tonight, we’re throwing our largest party of the year, at the Bomb Factory, giving you a chance to try the city’s best restaurants under one roof between trips to the open bar. (Please, please, please Uber or Lyft if you’re drinking. Actually! We have a code for you if you use Lyft—type BESTOF18 into your app for 25 percent off rides to and from the event.)

It’s a real life version of our annual Best of Big D feature, which this year includes 157 top selections of food and drink and services and culture. Which means you’ll be able to eat bigeye tuna from Uchi as an appetizer while waiting in line for the brisket fried pies from Cattleack and contemplating whether to try Las Almas Rotas’ margarita or Shoals Sound & Service’s Painkiller. Or choose your own combination.

The feature went online today, so you can use it to learn what we believe is the very best in Dallas. Or you could use it as a primer for the party tonight. Like rapper Bobby Sessions, who—spoiler!—is our choice for the year’s Best Music Act. Learn about the excitement of attending a race at the dusty Devil’s Bowl Speedway in Mesquite. Find out where to dance (The Nines, Round-Up Saloon) or where to sit in the sun (hi, Grapevine Bar!).

Whatever you’re in the mood for, we’ve brought together the best in the city in 75-word blurbs. And I know they’re all 75-word blurbs because Zac Crain didn’t maul anyone for violating The Rules this year when we turned in our copy. So. Head here to explore the feature, and here to buy tickets for the event. You look like you need a haircut anyway. Let us help.