The scooters are here.


Poll: Are You a Member of the Scoot Troop?

Or are you a share biker boy?

It’s been about a week since electric share scooters hit the streets. You’ve by now at least probably seen the gadgets whizzing down sidewalks. (Which is technically illegal, but feels much safer than riding in the street.) Maybe you’ve taken one for a spin yourself. You’ve at least got an opinion on whether riding an electric scooter looks super dorky. (It does, but that’s a poll for another day.)

But today we want to take the pulse of the city on a different subject. Share scooters vs. share bikes. Which do you prefer? Which is a more effective mode of transportation? Which is more fun, riding a scooter or bike? Which is better for the city? Which looks more dorky? (It’s the scooters.) Vote below.


  • @zaccrain

    i like walking, myself

  • Sean Tyler Gill

    The scooters are fantastic, used them in California and was so happy they came to Dallas! It’s to hot out here to be going all over the place on a bike! Scooters are perfect to get where your going without sweating though your shirt to get there.

  • bmslaw

    How did we live without scooters? On the other hand, what great need do they fulfill? After a couple of fatal accidents, they will be gone.