Play ball. Photo by Thomas Huston via Flickr.

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Let’s Name Dallas’ New Pro Baseball Team

Together, we can do this.

The Southwest League of Professional Baseball will launch its inaugural season next year with six franchises, including, we learned this week, one in Dallas. The Dallas professional baseball team will play at a new stadium being built at Reverchon Park in Oak Lawn, 56 games at home, 56 on the road.

But what will we call the Dallas professional baseball team? Friends, that is up to you. Starting at 10 a.m. today, this website began accepting name suggestions for the Dallas team. This is an enormous opportunity and one that should not go to waste. Minor league teams have a rich tradition of great names, and of great bits related to their names, as when the San Antonio Missions briefly became the Flying Chanclas this year.

“Pegasus” seems like an immediate contender for a Dallas team, and has a lot of graphic design potential. Kids would go nuts for the Pegasus mascot. Unfortunately, there’s no real comfortable way of pluralizing Pegasus, so we’d have to settle for something like the “Dallas Winged Horses,” or the “Dallas Mythological Stallions.” Maybe you just go with “Dallas Pegasus,” let the grammar be damned.

What if you just call them the Rangers, maybe sell some season tickets to a few poor suckers? I like Dallas Diamonds for the alliteration, Dallas Daredevils, also for the alliteration, and Dallas World Class, because that’s a pretty good joke I saw on Twitter and am sharing with you here. In a similar vein, I’m also going to throw the Dallas Task Forces out there. Thinking of wildlife native to the environs of the Trinity River, let’s also make sure Alligator Gar, River Otters, and Pileated Woodpeckers are on the table. Dallas Ranchers. Big D Bangers. D Town Chaps. The Dallas Humidity.

An informal poll of the colleague closest to my desk also came up with the following: Big Dribblers (suggested before the clarification that it was a baseball team), Big D Swingers, the Diamond Ds, and the Dallas Dead Ballers. Vote here.