Local News

Leading Off (7/6/18)

Not actually checking the weather forecast, but I bet it's going to be a hot one.

Dallas Not Happy With Nightlife on Ross Avenue. Pilikia, the sort-of-not-really-tiki bar already convicted of wackness in the court of tiki authenticity, is among three bars going to court with the city because, according to code inspectors and angry neighbors, they are bars. Maybe nightclubs. Definitely not restaurants, which is required by zoning for that rapidly changing stretch of Ross just east of downtown, ground zero for the bland apartment blocks and self-consciously branded coffee shops spreading across the city like wildfire. Interesting story here, and good fodder for conversations about the kind of neighborhoods we want and/or need.

Feds Say They’ll Fix Lewisville Dam. Remember how Lewisville Dam could break at any moment and unleash a deluge of biblical proportions upon Dallas and her people? Me too, vaguely. Well, the Army Corps of Energy is finally getting around to fixing that, putting about $370 million into patching up the dam and shoring up other flood control projects in Dallas.

Police: Mother Shoots Carjacker Attempting to Steal SUV With Her Kids in the Car. The shooting happened late Wednesday night on West Camp Wisdom Road, near I-35 and the Duncanville border. “I had to do what I had to do,” the woman said. Ricky Wright, 36, the alleged carjacker, was treated for injuries that were not life threatening, and charged with two counts of unlawful restraint and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Something Viral Happened On a Dallas-Bound Airplane, and It May or May Not Be OK. It’s certainly all over the internet, and it’s either a charming love story for the digital age, or a sign of our eroding regard for privacy and our desperation to popularize our own brands because everything is content and nothing is real, and maybe we can make some money out of this. Could be both. Have a great weekend, everybody.