Leading Off

Leading Off (7/27/18)

Have a nice day.

City Sets Aside Money for Public Art Honoring Santos Rodriguez. There is apparently bond money in place to fund a permanent tribute, probably at Pike Park, to the 12-year-old shot and killed by a Dallas police officer in 1973. They’re making a point of calling it a “public art display” rather than a “memorial,” which seems like semantic squabbling until you read that the “plan calls for an art piece that can include Santos Rodriguez’s name, but does not include a plaque or sign.” Regardless, this seems more likely to actually happen than previous stalled proposals. Credit in this case goes to Park Board member Jesse Moreno and City Council member Adam Medrano.

Hundreds Grieve for Fallen Officer. Police on Thursday honored Sr. Cpl. Jamie Givens, “the sixth Dallas officer killed in the line of duty in two years.”

Devin Harris Is Coming Back to Dallas. The departure of Yogi Ferrell made room for the return of the once and future Maverick.