Leading Off

Leading Off (7/12/18)

I hope we get some rain later today.

Gov. Greg Abbott and Lupe Valdez Will Debate. He said yesterday that he’ll debate Valdez once on Friday evening, September 28. But Valdez called Abbott out for scheduling it during Friday Night Lights, a Texas ritual. She hasn’t agreed to the terms yet.

Boxing Champion from Oak Cliff Charged with DWI. 28-year-old Maurice Hooker, who’d recently won the super lightweight title, was arrested Tuesday and charged with a DWI as well as misdemeanor unlawful possession of a handgun (he posted bond for both). He was being followed by a cop car when he crashed into another cop car in front of him. Hooker admitted that he’d been drinking.

Ex-Boyfriend Who Killed Irving Couple Convicted of Capital Murder. Christopher Rubio, who shot and killed his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend, was convicted yesterday of capital murder and got a life sentence without parole.

Knife-Carrying Man Shot by Garland Police Identified. The shirtless man who was shot and killed for swinging knives (or machetes) at cars was identified as 40-year-old Shaun Leo Gates. But we still don’t know who the cop was who shot him. Police are continuing an investigation.