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Leading Off (07/02/18)

Some complain about the Fourth of July happening on Wednesday but that just means you won't do any work all week.
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Mavs Agree to 1-Year Deal with DeAndre Jordan. Although I am a die-hard Mavs fan and think that getting Jordan, especially on a 1-year deal (worth around $24 million), is good for the team and makes for a very interesting and entertaining lineup — DSJ&DAJ&Doncic&Dirk&Barnes(?) — there is another part of me that likes chaos and ridiculous jokes. That part wants Jordan to once again spurn the Mavs and sign with, I don’t know, Golden State or something. Anyway, that’s all that happened during the first weekend of NBA free agency and absolutely nothing else at all.

Worst Chigger Outbreak in Decades Hits North Texas. I’m itchy typing this.

Big Crowd Pays Its Respects to Vinnie Paul. A celebration of life was held for the late Pantera drummer at The Bomb Factory yesterday.

Costco Jewelry Heist. I hope they also took, like, a 50-gallon barrel of crunchy peanut butter and precisely four DVDs.

More Scooters. Lime is expected to join Bird’s scooter fleet today. And then, in the coming weeks, Scüt, Cat, ZScoot, and Wheelz will all debut their own electric share scooters.

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Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you. Be safe out there.
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Let's see what happens in Mavsland this week.