Go See Joe Bob Briggs Tonight at Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson

Tim Rogers says check it out.

When I left Dallas to go off to college, in 1988, I subscribed to the Dallas Observer (!) solely to read Joe Bob Briggs’ syndicated column. When I later became an intern at D, I was stoked to learn that Joe Bob (né John Bloom) had been a columnist for the magazine. That was still before the internet, so I went to our morgue and read everything he’d written for the magazine. All of which is to say that part of my brain is rotten from having been exposed to Joe Bob, such that when I look at this musical octopus, I immediately think of sex. Also, you should trust me when I say that if you go see Joe Bob tonight at the Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson, you’ll enjoy yourself — if your brain is similarly rotten.

Tomorrow, Friday the 13th, Joe Bob is hosting a 24-hour horror movie marathon on Shudder (AMC’s streaming deal). Here’s a trailer for the marathon. To celebrate the accomplishment before it is accomplished, Alamo is doing a one-night-only screening of the horror classic Sleepaway Camp. Joe Bob will introduce the film and then aardvark with everyone after the movie. Just kidding! He’s too old to do that!