Leading Off

Leading Off (6/7/18)

Hot and sunny for the foreseeable future.

John Wiley Price Says Judge Shouldn’t Take Home Depot Murder Case. After Armando Juarez was charged with capital murder for killing a Dallas police officer at Home Depot in April, the case was sent to the courtroom of State District Judge Brandon Birmingham, a presiding judge who transfers murder cases to felony judges. Birmingham kept this case in his courtroom, prompting County Commissioner John Wiley Price to accuse the judge of retaining the high-profile case to boost his public image and help his political aspirations. Commissioner Mike Cantrell sided with Price, but County Judge Clay Jenkins came to Birmingham’s defense. There will be a meeting on June 19 to address the controversy.

Your Bulk Trash Allowance May Change. Yesterday, the City Council was briefed on proposals to change bulk trash pickup and brush collection. Apparently, Dallas’s program is “significantly more generous” for homeowners than for those in other cities, and it’s creating a strain on sanitation services. Proposals like limiting how often people can put out bulk trash and setting boundaries for how much they can put out were tossed around, but a consensus wasn’t reached.

Dallas Testing New Flood Control Pumps. Through tomorrow, you may see a tall geyser of water southwest of downtown. The first two pumps at the Able Stormwater Pump Station on Riverfront, protecting businesses and houses by the Trinity River, are being tested. The water for the tests will be recycled and re-pumped.

Person Run Over Twice on Tollway. Early this morning on the Tollway in Addison, a pedestrian was seriously injured after getting run over twice. The first car did not stop, but the second stopped and called 9-1-1. The victim was hospitalized.