Leading Off

Leading Off (6/28/18)

City Council passed a bunch of things yesterday.

City Council Bolsters Dangerous Dog Ordinance. The vote went through yesterday 13-1, following several dog attacks in southern Dallas. The amendment adds a criminal penalty for canine bites and other guidelines for owners.

Council Also Votes on Scooters, Trees, and Other Things. Bike and electric scooter operators will need to get permits and pay Dallas per vehicle. The scooters will be legal for at least six months, until the council evaluates them again. The $173 million settlement for police- and fire-pay lawsuits went through unanimously. And the tree preservation ordinance was passed, which will make the city a greener place.

SEC Sues Dallas Men for Fraud. The plaintiffs allegedly spent investor money on a wedding, travel, and a Russian dating website. Most of them are already in federal prison, but authorities want to ban them from the securities industry after their terms are over.

Local Investor Buys Lakewood Towers. Caddo Holdings bought back the 9-story and 4-story buildings, the larger with the Wells Fargo sign, from a company they previously sold it to. There’s more than 170,000 square feet of space in the complex, which is mostly leased.