Leading Off

Leading Off (6/20/18)

A little cooler today. And by that, I mean: not quite as blisteringly hot.

Dallas Oil Firm Sued by SEC. Dallas’ Texas Coastal Energy Company was accused of fraud in a lawsuit filed by the SEC yesterday. It claims that the firm committed fraud against 80 oil investors to the tune of more than $8 million. The company was also compared to The Wolf of Wall Street in a suit by a former employee.

Plano Councilman Sues to Halt Recall Vote. You may remember that Plano council member Tom Harrison shared an anti-Islam video on Facebook back in February. He is now suing to get the option to recall him taken off the November ballot. The mayor of Plano and other people had called for him to resign, but he wouldn’t. Just do the right thing, Tom.

Anti-Gay Vandalism in Denton Causes People to Support LGBTQ Charity. Lena Glover and Robert White came home to find their house vandalized—their pride flag destroyed and a slur spray-painted on the garage. One of their other roommates created a GoFundMe asking for donations to a Denton charity supporting LGBTQ residents, which has so far raised $1,500.

Man’s Arm in Peril after He Was Mauled by Dogs. 57-year-old Ronald Bell was attacked by three dogs in southern Dallas near his home. His arm was hurt so badly that it may need to be amputated. Two of the dogs were taken by Dallas Animal Services, who cited their owner for not vaccinating or spaying or neutering the animals.

Security Guard Wounded in Bar Shooting Near Love Field. While investigating a suspicious person early this morning, a security guard was shot and then taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.