Local News

Leading Off (6/12/18)

Partly cloudy today, with a high of 96. Watch out.

Pence to Speak at Southern Baptist Convention Tomorrow. The vice president will have some words to say at 11 a.m., at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center at 11 a.m., near the end of the morning session of worship. One suspects none of those words will concern the elephant in the room, the recent Paige Patterson scandal, though one might be surprised. One should expect the usual rigmarole with security and all that.

Woman Arrested in Death of Deep Ellum Bartender. Ian Brooks was killed May 19 on Central Expressway, when a car struck his motorcycle. A 26-year-old woman named Jessica Pratt was arrested yesterday and faces a charge of accident involving death. One hopes that if she’s guilty, she gets what is coming to her.

AT&T-Time Warner Antitrust Case to Be Decided Today. U.S. District Judge Richard Leon will decide later today whether AT&T can buy Time Warner for $100 billion. Mitch Schnurman says it’s a good deal that should go down, even if one investment firm put the chance at only 50 percent. That’s a different use of the word “one.”

Deep Ellum Brewery Sold. Canarchy Craft Brewery Collective bought it, and now some Deep Ellum beer will be brewed in — one has a hard time typing this — Austin. 


  • When I read “DEBC sold” I immediately thought of AB. Canarchy is MUCH better.