Billy Can Can Coverage Did Did Come Come From Leslie Brenner Brenner

I'm not saying. I'm just saying.

This is a small thing. I should leave it alone. But I can’t.

Today the Morning News published a 2,700-word story about a restaurant that’s not open yet. The restaurant is called Billy Can Can. Read the story yourself, and tell me if you disagree when I call it a bit, oh, exuberant. Billy Can Can is the product of a Tristan Simon-owned company called Rebees, described in its press material as “a development firm engaged in experiential place creation — the development of real estate projects and other brick-and-mortar concepts that conjure a special reality of their own and resonate with people emotionally.” The italics are theirs, perhaps added by the firm’s PR person, Leslie Brenner. The 2,700-word story in the DMN rightly notes that Brenner, until not long ago, was the dining critic for the paper.

Long story. Hugely positive. Restaurant not open yet. Former critic. PR. That’s all I wanted to say. Oh, and one more thing:

Thanks, Tristan!

(If you get that callback, it means you’ve been reading FrontBurner for too many years.)


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  • topham

    Yes, I have. For far too many years.

    • Tomas

      Timmy – how is Brenner’s probable influence on this DMN article different than Hunt’s/Crow’s influence on your regrettable pro-Trinity Tollway issue, which includied your endorsement about 10 years ago in the print publication?

      • So you think Ray and Harlan used to work at D Magazine, and now they are in the PR business? That’s insulting.

        Listen, I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy. But we were wrong about the Trinity tollway. Simple as that. Ray and Harlan had nothing to do with our misguided editorial stance.

        And if you think they DID have something to do with it, then how does your conspiracy theory explain our reversal on the issue?

        • Media Dotard

          It’s unfair to blame Tim for publicly supporting and endorsing the Trinity Tollway. He was following orders. A better comparison to the Billy Can Can article is the recent Ed Meier column. How did a lazy 4th place candidate get that kind of article while his opponents were hardly mentioned? Let’s see… who wrote that and what is his full time job? Yeah, yeah, he’s still a PT employee.

          Tim, reread the comments below. People have read this blog closely for 15 years. Some of us know a thing or two about media and politics. Hunt and Crow were your magazine’s most important investors. New staff writers were told (are still told?) that those two titans are untouchable. They had skin in the Tollway’s construction, which was all about real estate, not the Road. Commercial real estate is really important to your media empire. We understand that you can’t bite the hand that feeds you. But don’t use the conspiracy angle to defeat an argument. That was your schtick during the Tollway days.

          Best waffles,

          • Show me where Ray and Harlan had skin in the tollway game. Exactly where was their real estate play?

            And, again, how does your theory explain our editorial reversal on the issue?

  • anneDallas

    Ranch up!
    Flash mobs at the then-new Mockingbird Station!

    Serious question, Tim: I’m thinking back to when I discovered FrontBurner and – – has it really been almost fifteen YEARS?!

    • Hard to believe, isn’t it? I remember when Wick informed us that we’d be “blogging.” I was like, “Wait. So we have to write every single day? And we don’t get paid more to do it? And we’re still supposed to put out a magazine?”

      We were the first media organization in town with a blog. True fact.

      • anneDallas

        I remember! You emailed me after I commented on a post in the early days, asking me how I found the blog. There wasn’t a commenting system then and you and Adam ran it by email.
        And I tipped you to the DMN stealth-launching that terrible, free daily tabloid. Forever ago.

        Cheers to FB’s past, present, and future.

        • Oh, wow. I’d forgotten all that.

          RIP, Adam

          (Kidding. He’s still alive. I played golf with him last weekend. Beat him by 10 strokes, if you must know.)

  • shrubstex

    I am a fan of both Tristan Simon and Front Burner. Front Burner and The Drudge Report are my first links I check on a daily basis since Unfair Park Disappeared.

  • JohnyAlamo

    Interesting concept, but odd name. Seems like there are a number of other better references to turn of the century Dallas: https://www.dmagazine.com/publications/d-magazine/1983/august/dallas-firsts/

  • OldLakeHighlander

    Someone, at some time, is going to have to have the courage to say “Let’s go to Billy Can Can!” I wonder how many that will be?

  • mrEmannE

    Much as I enjoy irony and snark, prissy eludes me. A bar name like
    Billy Can Can just strikes me as the very height of prissiness.

  • Wendy Flatt

    I literally cannot see the word “Tristan” without mentally adding “Thanks!” to the front of it.