Vinty, the Absolute Worst Place in Deep Ellum, Is No More

The City Council denied the club's appeal for a special use permit today. Good riddance.

It faced some stiff competition, but Vinty, a godforsaken club on Elm Street, was the worst place in Deep Ellum. That reputation was forged by the club’s habit of making Facebook jokes about domestic violence and its atmosphere of chest-thumping chaos and violence, which spilled out into the street enough that the Dallas Police Department asked the City Plan Commission to deny the club’s request to have its special use permit renewed:

The Dallas Police Department believes renewing the establishment’s permit would not contribute, enhance, or promote the welfare of the area. Police responses to this location exceeds 20 for 2017; therefore, the police department believes the SUP renewal will be detrimental to the public health, safety, and wellbeing of Deep Ellum. Specifically, there have been numerous incidents of major disturbances, disorderly conduct, and public intoxication, all of which are strong indicators that the business owners of Vinty Club are not engaging in responsible management of their premises.

All polite police speak for “this place sucks, please banish it.” The City Plan Commission agreed, and so did the City Council, rejecting the club’s appeal this afternoon. Good riddance.

The question now is what will take its spot as the worst club and/or bar in Deep Ellum? Punk Society, which has a name and matching decor that make my eyes involuntarily roll so hard I think one of them is now stuck looking at the back of my head, is a contender. But my vote goes to the place where bottle-service orders are delivered by scantily clad women hoisted in pinebox derby litters carried by men in flashing neon facemasks. Real last days of Rome stuff there.


  • downtownworker

    I don’t think Bottled Blonde is long for this world. A certain transit agency with a subway in the works has other plans for that and the Lizard Lounge buildings.

    • LindaWHadlock

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  • Gavin Mulloy

    Salsera easy.

  • space2k

    Peep Show reference alert.

  • Amanda Martinez

    That’s funny I love vinty bar never had any issues there i wonder if it had been full of white pep would there be a issue still

    • Terry Fisher

      “White pep”? What is that? Like teen spirit? Or do you actually mean white pepper? As in the spice? That would make everyone sneeze.

      • angyl

        Your funny Terry but you know what she meant. Basically because Vinty didn’t have the same WHITE PEPPER in there as you they couldn’t reside in Deep Ellum. Sad that your such a dumbass you couldn’t understand what she was talking about but I guess a “perfectionist” as you needs everything spelled out correctly to understand so I guess me putting F*%K YOU is ok because you won’t understand what it means…

        • Terry Fisher

          I knew exactly what she meant and what she said was stupid…and the next time I need YOUR help or input with anything I’ll pull my balls out of YOUR ignorant, slobbering mouth. Oh…and fuck you, too. Illiterate asshole.

        • Jared Chambers

          You’re not helping your case at all 🤦‍♂️

    • Pol Pot

      “Police responses to this location exceeds 20 for 2017.”
      Vinty is only open a couple nights a week and wasn’t open at the beginning of 2017. So the number of calls to days open ration is pretty high. If it had been full of white people, it would still have the same problem.

      Other places like IBK and Nines, as well as every club that books a hip hop act, are able to attract people of color without issue.

      • Amanda Martinez

        Well only reason I say that cause I went and been going to different bars n Deep Ellum and seen plenty of fights etc but this place was actually preety cool laid back and it’s funny u say people of color cause rest of the bars are all white lol so when u say that I have to disagree

        • disqus_qx3X6S5SC7

          I’ve yet to go to a single establishment in Deep Ellum that was “all white”. Bars, music venues, restaurants, etc.

        • Jared Chambers

          Where are you seeing fights on a regular basis? I’m in Deep Ellum on a near nightly basis most weeks but have not seen any fights occuring regularly enough to feel like it’s a norm for the neighborhood.

          • Amanda Martinez

            Well first of all my husband is black and we went to 4 different bars and they all white and vinty happen to be only place that was mixed and second yea we seen few fights at other bars ….

    • Jared Chambers

      Really? Most of deep ellum has mixed crowds and plenty of places with primarily Latino and black patrons 1 or more nights of the week, yet they don’t have the level of issues Vinty has because they’re run and staffed and owned by people who know what they’re doing.

    • Jesus Zapata

      LOL, sorry its wasnt about race just about a thug ass club that didnt need to be there any more

      • Amanda Martinez

        Cause of mix music they played seriously and I was told also they had other clubs down there at one point but they didn’t want them there either so even they shut them down etc

  • angyl

    I think that it’s funny to call Vinty the Worst in D.E. I doubt you’ve ever stepped foot in this establishment. You may have walked by and heard the music they play and it didn’t match the same music on the other side of Crowdus. Maybe you saw too much brown and D.E. and didn’t really want that in your area. It’s easy to say “we love people of color” and its another to show your true colors. What was Vinty really guilty of that any other bar in D.E. was so perfect at? People went there to have a good time and drink just like every other bar and like every other bar it’s patrons sometimes drank too much. You show me one in D.E. where there were no fights out of, where there were no trouble makers, where there were no intoxicated clients and I’ll show you a bar that hides what goes on inside very well. There were gun shots that came from the middle of crowdus and elm that I witnessed that had nothing to do with Vinty but I saw on D.E. watch that someone reported it came from Vinty. Lets just be real D.E. was full of big brothers and Vinty was the little brother that everyone could just point a finger at and say “It was him not me” well I hope you all are happy and get a true hot spot that really does have as many issues as they claimed Vinty had…..

  • Brad Needler

    U know I hate to throw this out there but I work here n deep ellum also and there’s a rumor going around that someone made up a fake fb page and trying to get vinty shut down has been starting all this against vinty