Trump Will Be in Dallas To Ruin Your Afternoon Commute

The president will meet with donors at the Adolphus during rush hour.

Today President Donald Trump will meet with the family members of students killed at Santa Fe High School before heading to Dallas to fundraise at the Adolphus Hotel. For downtown commuters, his visit comes at a particularly unfortunate time. Per his public schedule, the president will arrive at Love Field shortly before 4 p.m. Then it’s on to the Adolphus to meet with donors, who will have coughed up $2,700 a head to attend the reception. Guests get dinner for $35,000, and a photo op with the president for $50,000. Proceeds go toward Trump’s re-election campaign.

After pulling from the North Texas Republican Piggy Bank, Trump should be back at the airport by 6 p.m. Plan your commute accordingly.

This has been a D Magazine traffic advisory.


  • Doris Kistenmacher

    What is wrong with you. Obama did the same as did Clinton. Get over yourself.

    • MattL1

      Yeah, but they don’t suck.

  • alexander troup

    Not Really….to the comment as we need new blood to come to Dallas as the air is still stale here with old political hang ups….. and a folly of what could of been a world disaster,

    Then again Trump is Brave to come to Hole in the Head City as he has now been here 4 times…right, Truman came here in 48, Kennedy in 63, Bush several Bushes several times, and Reagan once or twice….come on folks treat these men right..they do open up the Grocery stores every day….and Trump is really a 4 term guy so be a good some respect….

    • Geoffrey Byrne

      Respect is something you earn. Trump hasn’t earned it.