Gavin Mulloy, Blake Ward photos by Laura Callas


New Earburner: Gavin Mulloy of The Box Garden at Legacy Hall

One of Deep Ellum's most recognizable faces has fled. Sort of.

Readers of our FrontRow blog probably know the name Gavin Mulloy—he was the creative director for Trees and the Bomb Factory for a number of years, overseeing marketing and helping with booking shows as the venues grew into two of North Texas’ most well-known independent concert halls. Not long after owners Clint and Whitney Barlow opened their third in the old Deep Ellum Live space—that’s Canton Hall—Mulloy announced that he had put in his two weeks and was huffing it up to Plano.

He’s now landed at the Box Garden, Legacy Hall’s three-tiered outdoor venue, where he’s doing something similar in a very different place. Here’s what he told writer Alaena Hostetter, who wrote about what’s going on in the hinterlands of Collin County:

“I think this perception of what’s cool in the suburbs versus what’s cool in East Dallas or downtown is a bit of a misnomer because I don’t think areas of towns can be cool, or rooms can be cool,” Mulloy explains. “Rooms are just boxes. It’s what the people in that box do, and the ideas they can generate.”

To get an idea about those ideas: His last hurrah at the Granada Theater, prior to joining the Trees team, was to put a boxing ring on the stage and have local rappers A.Dd+ duke it out. He’s already organized a Mario Kart party on the big screen at the Box Garden. I imagine he has many other ideas of how to make Plano a bit stranger.

(For full disclosure: Zac and I are friends with Gavin, who recently wore a damn ball cap to my wedding.)

Show notes after the jump.

1. We recorded this podcast on Thursday, a day or so after The Dallas Morning News published its profile of Lee Trull, the disgraced Dallas Theater Center artist who was fired after harassment allegations. We’ve since responded a bit more eloquently here.

2. Theater Jones gets its own shout-out here for the work it did in bringing the allegations to Trull to light. You can also read an open letter to The News from the Dallas theater community, which was published to the website.

3. Many years before joining The Ringer, John Gonzalez was a Philadelphian writing for The Dallas Observer. And one time, about a decade ago, he was on a rec league basketball team with Gavin, Zac, Tim, and City Columnist Eric Celeste. I’ll let Tim and Zac and Gavin sort this one out here Rashomon style, but this is where you’ll get anecdotal cameos from Robert Wilonsky, Tim threatening to drop a dumbbell through a car window, and a disputed punch that Gavin helps sort out. (If you want to hear the actual interview part with Gavin, I believe if you skip ahead 12 minutes you’ll miss all this.)

4. Indeed, Gavin’s firing from the Granada is what you get when you search his name in Google.

5. And here is some more information about The Box Garden.