New District to Be Created on East Side of Downtown Dallas

Hmm, what shall we call it?

Tomorrow morning there will be a press conference to announce what, honestly, sounds like a cool deal. Todd Interests (Patrick and Philip Todd, the folks who redeveloped the old post office downtown) is going to reveal its plans for 18 buildings on the east side of downtown that it has acquired over the past two years. Along with Downtown Dallas Inc., Todd Interests will unveil the creation of what they are calling “a new district.”

Here’s where I get worried. Remember when some well-meaning developer wanted to call the Design District LOL, for Lower Oak Lawn? Yeah, that. If it’s not too late, here are my suggestions for this new district:

EOB (East of Bank of America Tower)

WODE (West of Deep Ellum)

The Meat Packing District

Hell’s Pantry


Down East

The Don’t Tell Supper Club District

Lower Cesar Chavez

A District Resulting From the Impending Removal of I-345, Brought to You by the Coalition for a New Dallas (feat. Patrick Kennedy)



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  • Los_Politico

    “Where you at wode? (I’m over here wode)”

    • VERY obscure. You get 3 bonus points.

      • Matt Goodman

        Tim what is your favorite 504 Boyz song?

        • Tough call. “I Gotta Have That There” is underrated. I’ve always been partial to “Say Brah,” for personal reasons that I won’t go into here. But I think I have to go with “Wobble Wobble.” I know it’s the obvious choice. But I’m not going to try to out-cred you by picking something that no one has heard of.

          • Matt Goodman

            No, no. “Wobble Wobble” is the right answer here.

  • C P

    Shallum, anyone? (Shallow Ellum)

  • Scott Smith

    Dude, let Story die. Jeez.

    I mean the joke, not the dog.

    • Thank you for your comment. I’ve read it, and, as the editor of the magazine, I have carefully considered your request. After doing that, and after consulting with other members of the editorial staff, I have prepared the following response: never.

  • dallasmay

    “The Historic Car Dealership District”

    Seriously, I’ve seen the maps. There really used to be a lot of car dealerships in that area of downtown.

  • Bizarro BigTex

    Tim, if you will permit the following additional suggestions:

    The World Class District
    DFW Metroplex East
    The John Neely Bryan Jumping-Off Place
    Where the East Peters Out Before the West Begins
    The Mountains of Dallas (hey, if we can create rapids on the Trinity, we can create mountains in East Dallas)
    The Far Shores of White Rock Lake

    Thank you for your consideration.

    • BBT, I have considered your additional suggestions and discussed them with our editorial and janitorial staffs (without revealing the name of the suggester, which might have biased the process). Having completed that process, I would like to reply to you in the following manner: good work. Especially DFW Metroplex East.

    • Mess Wright

      DFW Metroplex East FTW!!!

  • dallasmay

    East Egg.

  • Jenn W

    East Ellum

    • I like this. But if “ellum” is (was) a local pronunciation of “elm,” then this needs to play on Cesar Chavez. So: East Shaves

  • Mavdog

    Seems every major city has a short chopped off district name (SoHo, SoDo) so Dallas, being a World Class City! needs one, too,
    Drum roll…..south of Uptown (don’t ya just love that made up name?)
    You can pronounce it as “so-up” or if you prefer, just go with “soup”,
    World Class I tell you!

  • mrEmannE

    How about The “Pearl Street Mafia” district? There really used to be one, you know. Actually, I suspect it may still be around. But we don’t want to go THERE, do we?

  • downtownworker

    Let’s not forget the SoYoung District (south of Young) that was announced as part of the redevelopment plans for Butler Brothers Building. Winner!

  • As we puzzled out on Twitter tonight, the actual name will be (if it sticks) East Quarter.

  • OxbowIncedent

    “B_G Town”
    “Frog Town”

  • Montemalone

    West Mesquite,
    or for a more hipster vibe – East Kessler Park