Local News

Leading Off (5/8/18)

Sunny today, with a high of 92. Wear shorts, if possible.

Self-Driving Car Service Coming to Frisco. The cars will travel only about a mile, from Hall Office Park to the Star, but this is how the robots are starting their takeover of North Texas. Of course they started in Frisco. Oak Cliff wouldn’t fall for this.

Collin County Wants Voters to Approve $750 Million in Bond Projects for Transportation Improvements. The robot takeover can’t proceed without more concrete.

Dallas County Republicans Get Hit With Stiff Legal Bill. Remember that lawsuit filed by the Republicans that sought to boot dozens of Democrats from the ballot? It seemed like a brilliant bit of gamesmanship at the time. Then a judge decided in the Democrats’ favor. And now he has decided the Republicans have to pay $51,000, most of that going to the Democrats to cover their legal fees. Oops.

Tony Romo Writes a Very Sweet Letter to Jason Witten. Last night Romo posted to Twitter a letter describing what a great teammate Witten was to play with. If you’re a Cowboys fan, you’ll want to read it