Leading Off

Leading Off (5/31/18)

West Dallas residents sue, dog ownership rules may get stricter, and more.

Two West Dallas Residents Sue HMK. They allege that, in their sales contracts, HMK Mortgage violated consumer protection laws, making it so that they aren’t true homeowners. Julian Campos, a Mexican immigrant, and Roberto Barahona, a Salvadoran immigrant, filed the suit. They are seeking damages as well as changing the contract language.

Owners Who Let Their Dogs Run Loose Could Soon Face Fines. The Dangerous Dog Task Force has been working to add more rules for owners in city code, as well as punishments for people who let their dogs run free and potentially hurt others. If the City Council passes the ordinance, the fines could go up to $500 for a Class C misdemeanor.

Gas Leaks in Garland and Plano Repaired. Contractors had damaged service lines, but Atmos Energy fixed the leaks. Five Garland homes were evacuated, but the residents have since been able to return home.

Five Dallas-Area Kids Will Go to National Spelling Bee Finals. They’ll compete against more than 30 others this evening. You can watch it live on ESPN.

DeSoto Student Found with Handgun in Backpack. Yesterday, high school student Isaiah Manuel Joe Reyes was arrested after police found a gun in his backpack while at school. There were no threats made, but he could be charged with unlawful carry of a weapon.