Local News

Leading Off (5/29/18)

Sunny and hot today. Looks like we'll hit 97. Hang in there, people.

Things Don’t Look Good at the Statler. The sprinkler system in the hotel is such a wreck, leaking all over the place, that the fire department has had to station people there around the clock for the past three months. As the DMN notes, “[I]t raises questions about the safety of a hotel that is welcoming guests without informing them of the problem … .” Centurion American Development Group owns the property. Its CEO, Mehrdad Moayedi, isn’t talking.

Things Don’t Look Good for the Mavericks. And I’m not talking about the draft. The DMN found that the Mavs employed for 15 years a guy who earned the nickname “Pants DJ” because he had a habit of touching himself and watching porn at work. Mark Cuban warned him to stop, but he continued working for the Mavs for six years.

Things Not Looking Good at Fellowship Church in Grapevine. On Sunday, incoming NRA president Oliver North spoke to the megachurch about how his life was changed in the Marines when he was 35 and a superior officer gave him a Bible to read. The Bible, however, did not stop North from taking bribes, obstructing a Congressional inquiry, and destroying documents, all of which he was convicted of in the Iran-Contra scandal (he’d been granted immunity). 


  • That’s a bummer, man, that’s a bummer.