Here's the beef. Photo by MANNY RODRIGUEZ PHOTOGRAPHY.

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How We Picked the Best Steakhouses in Dallas

We went in open-minded, knives sharpened, knowing that one spot's ethos would vary vastly from another.

It was 2011 when we last published our list of the best steakhouses in Dallas. We based the ranking on meals that consisted of exactly one filet mignon, one other cut of steak, one shrimp cocktail, one salad, one vegetable side, one starchy side, and a dessert. Service, wine, and ambiance counted, too.

But the steakhouse landscape has changed. The advent of a modern steakhouse genre has upset the old forms. It is no longer possible—or advisable—to base comparisons on the same handful of menu items. Instead, what we have is a landscape in which steakhouses vie on their own terms, serving the best possible meat, but rounding out with what has become a roster of incredible takes and niches. I approached this ranking of the top 10 steakhouses in Dallas knowing that one spot’s ethos would vary vastly from another. That smart, smoky cocktails and dainty, nibble-worthy small plates might round out one evening, while another was all white-linen elegance and old-school sides. I went in open-minded, my knives sharpened, my hunt intense. (I dined in 20 spots over a period of five weeks.)

The leader remains the same, but a few upstarts rock the rankings. One thing is certain. If you desire a special steak evening, the city has you covered. Take your pick.