Watch a Pretty Video of the Trinity

We've already got a pretty good thing going, no?

Scot Miller is Dallas photographer whose work sometimes finds its way into the pages of D Magazine. I’ll let him explain his latest project:

This slide show set to music includes many of the photographs from the new 88-page book, A Word for Nature, featuring photographs I took on 65 walks on the Trinity Skyline Trail from April to August 2017. The book and digital download can be purchased here. At least one photograph from each walk is included in the book. A total of 129 photographs highlight the natural beauty of this special area. In a brief introduction, I lay out a case for embracing and creating a long-term plan for caring for nature in Dallas’ Trinity River greenbelt and Great Trinity Forest, advocating for a new structure for managing the natural resources of the river and forest. There is also a short statement at the end of the book. Other than that, the photographs do the talking. They are presented in calendar order, with no accompanying text other than dates. Individually, the photographs are engaging but collectively they make a powerful statement. It’s time to act to protect our natural resources for the long term!