Dallas: The City That Hates Pedestrians, Pt. 3

In the Cedars, a sidewalk disappears.

For this third installment in a series, we take you away from downtown Dallas, south to the happening neighborhood of The Cedars.

Here we see Wall Street, about where it meets Beaumont Street. To the left, a fence surrounding a construction site gradually erases the sidewalk. To the right, DART rail tracks. Center, a one-way street. Not pictured: A man whose walk from Lee Harvey’s to the Alamo Drafthouse on Lamar just got trickier.


  • bill holston

    Two death zones: One along Live oak, sidewalks are closed on both sides of the street at the construction site of the new tom thumb. Also, walking across under Central from Good Latimer is an invitation to fatality. I literally have to wave my arms in the air every time I cross so right turning traffic does not simply mow you down.

  • RompingWillyBilly

    When all vehicles become driverless, running over pedestrians will become a thing of the past. And, as most today are already zombies wired to the social media, no one will care. Remember the poor woman run over by a Google car? She was probably texting anyway. Excuse me while I fall back into a deep, deep sleep. No one cares and why should they. Who needs to eat when they can just surf the porn?
    My concern is for the stray dogs in the area getting run over by texting zombies. All the people, especially the wealthy ones in Uptown, have become worse than filthy rabid animals.