The Dallas Morning News' old headquarters, because we don't have a photo of their new digs yet. Photo by Antonio Campoy/Flickr.


The Dallas Morning News Loses Its Metro Columnists

Jacquielynn Floyd and James Ragland both announced this week that they're leaving the paper.

The Dallas Morning News’ Jacquielynn Floyd and James Ragland have left the paper, following a round of layoffs that hit five other employees late last month and the promotion of longtime staffer Keith Campbell to managing editor on March 15.

With the departure of Steve Blow a few years ago, that leaves Dallas County’s paper of record with zero employees identified with the nebulously defined job title of “Metro columnist,” although Robert Wilonsky seems to often get the similar “city columnist” billing. And I suppose anyone remaining on the editorial board, introduced in a March 27 piece that now needs to be updated, could probably start calling themselves “Metro columnists” without getting too much pushback. Just two words that look nice on a business card.

Floyd got to wave farewell this week with an “I’m retiring at 59” column, while Ragland was apparently kept to a Facebook post that makes note, his “last day was March 23, 2018, although the official last day is April 16.” He opted for a “time…to part ways” euphemism, and is “mulling over some interesting opportunities,” both phrases I have heard used to justify bad breakups.

Connect all the above dots—and the Jan. 17 hire of Brendan Miniter as the paper’s new editor of editorials, and the promotion of Grant Moise to be the paper’s well-compensated new publisher, and the paper’s downsizing move into new offices at the old Dallas library, and the ongoing decline of the newspaper industry—as you will. Onward and upward into the brave new era of digital content.



  • Dan Koller

    This Sundays-only subscriber wants to start seeing Wilonsky’s column in print.

    • PeterTx52

      his stories and “columns” do appear in print

      • Dan Koller

        Not on Sundays.

        • PeterTx52

          he doesnt always write a column. he can read him online

  • RompingWillyBilly

    Column? What the instantaneous Internet has allowed us to see at long last is how those Columnists of yesteryear were not the writing gods they seemed to be. Behind the scenes, they wrote by a rewriting, revisioning, and editing process. The gig is up. Blogging has become the new prose. This means quit acting smart, drop the need for concise grammar, and never admit to being a true American who loves Trump.
    (Let’s Go Fishing Movement)

  • Bizarro BigTex

    I suppose if we can now see governmental policy developed right before our eyes in the 140 character Twitterverse, then an all-Twitter newspaper can’t be far in the offing.

    • RompingWillyBilly

      Use to, a politician had no choice but to travel offline to commit inappropriate nuggy. Now they can remain in their office where they can go straight online to internet porn. Nothing has changed. In spending lots of tax paying money getting things done, these lying psychopaths are always going to be the leaders of choice elected into office. My question to you is, wouldn’t it be far cheaper to elect the real bums out living on the street into office? We should stop frowning upon the action of the surfing internet porn by our elected officials, but embrace it!

  • cornbreads dirty sheets

    They will simply replace the old bought hacks with new bought hacks… this even a story?

    • @zaccrain

      i don’t know is it

      • RompingWillyBilly

        Who knows if this is really a story or, as you ask, is truly one. What is apparent is how sophisticated the readers have become in North Texas. I thought I was the only one thinking the Dallas Morning News had become a subversive Marxist newspaper.

        The recent amusing reporting on the Star Bucks racist incident is a classic case of this. In the world of the Dallas Morning News scribbled in the usual black and white crayons, Star Bucks, a company long pushing an agenda left of communism is supposedly supporting racist policies towards blacks, they too, by and large, supporting an agenda left of communism.

        Shoot, the racist conservatives don’t even discuss their agenda of hate at a Star Bucks, do they?What the hell? Are the left winged extremists in the Dallas area imploding? Have they lost their minds?

        As Mike Tyson would note in this case, “All this nonsense is getting pretty ‘tupid!”

        • @zaccrain

          i would say of all the ideas that made me squint in these four paragraphs ‘i am normal’ is probably the one that made me squint the most

          • RompingWillyBilly

            Being that I am normal, when looking back one day on this absurd history being scribbled in black and white crayons, as we will read about how whites were said to forever remain evil racists, so, oddly, the facts will also reveal forever how the majority of blacks continued to be murdered by other blacks.
            The significance?
            Well, in the city of Dallas, for example, as has always been said to have been the case, as they chant unabated with the claim that things haven’t changed at all, so, this would mean throughout history that it has always been safer for blacks to live surrounded by white racists than to live around themselves.
            Indeed, I do think normal. But normal isn’t being allowed today, but a pretentiousness worse than ‘tupidity.’

  • Bill Gross

    Of the three mentioned in the article Wilonsky’s was the only reporter who had the information to backup his reporting. He knows Dallas and the machinations of City Hall. All we got from the other two was their personal opinions on events.

  • Lizzie

    If you thought we knew what fake news was, you haven’t seen nuthin’ yet…

    • @zaccrain