This Lowest Greenville Street Sign Will Soon Be Fixed

Do the right thing.

This morning I had a meeting at Mudsmith, on Lowest Greenville. While sitting on the patio, I watched as a large truck pulling a trailer poorly executed a turn from Greenville onto Bell Avenue. It hit the street sign that you see here, knocking it cattywampus, and then drove off. The truck circled the block and headed back up Greenville, which is when I snapped a pic of it and looked up the plate.

Ruben D. Mendoza is the president and CEO of Foundation Building Materials, the company that owns the truck. Its slogan: “Founded on principle. Built with purpose.” Mendoza says he took inspiration from the Bible in naming his company. So I suspect he’ll do the right thing. He’ll let his driver know that he needs to be more careful. And he’ll contact the city and offer to pay to fix the sign. I believe the person he’s looking for is Rick Galceran, head of the Department of Public Works.

My meeting was great. Thanks for asking. Big things are happening.


  • Chris Ullom

    Bet you next time they run over a street sign they make damn sure there’s no editors hanging out.

  • RompingWillyBilly

    Speaking of stop signs, I once witnessed a serious accident involving a vehicle that ran a stop sign, plowed into another vehicle, and pushed it to the extent of wiping out another stop sign. After finishing his investigation of the accident, the police officer didn’t bother to prevent another accident by propping up the downed stop sign. Indeed, not a lot of thought goes into anything nowadays, but especially by those in government. But we aren’t talking stupid here, but worse than stupid. We are all too distracted. Indeed, we have become zombies lost in cellular technology. Nowadays, one could just about get away with urinating on the leg of a cellular distracted stupid person and get away with it.